Pallet Inverters

FSDC_06Pallet Inverters are machines used to turn over loaded pallets whilst still loaded with products.

They are ideal for replacing broken or rented pallets with your own in-house or plastic pallet without unstacking the load. We offer a range of Pallet Inverters which can be built into production lines or be used as a stand alone machines. Our Pallet Inverts span the gamut, from budget models to heavy duty inverters which can handle wide and heavy loads.

Some of the Pallet Inverters which make up our range include the following:

FS Pallet Inverters
This compact, free standing 180° inverter with dual loading table is loaded and relocatable by forklift truck. With a 2 tonne capacity the FS Inverter is available in 3 standard jaw opening sizes with levers, push-button, remote or automated controls, or it can be built entirely to your specification.

FSDC Pallet Inverters
This versatile free standing FS DC 180° inverter has dual clamps. The FS DC Inverter can be loaded by forklift truck or at ground level by pallet truck with either ramped access or flush to floor tables.

90 degree tipper
The 90° tipper’s most common applications involve tipping paper reels through 90° for processing and turning steel coils to suit delivery or storage requirements.

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We offer the entire range of Palomat pallet dispensers and stackers, Q-Tek design layer pickers and Durwen Forklift Attachments. We also have a full range of other forklift attachments including Roller Forks and Hydraulic Reach Forks.

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Our Clients Include

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